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AMWAJ movers & packers in Dubai

If there is one mantra that can ease the entire process, it is for parents to remain positive. Focusing on the good things about the move yourself will help you point them out to the kid. It could be the fact that you are moving to a bigger home, a better climate or an area that has more facilities, or even that the school has a swimming pool. In due course, the positivity will rub off on the kid & he or she will start looking forward to it as a new adventure. Above everything make the move a family event, such that it helps the family bond strongly.

AMWAJ movers & packers in Dubai
AMWAJ movers & packers in Dubai

When in doubt, throw it out children tend to accumulate a lot of things they don’t need broken crayons, old school assignments, buckets full of old toys & so on. Between their old junk & your old junk, you probably have a dozen boxes’ worth of stuff you don’t need to pack. Throw out as much of that junk as possible to save time & packing tape.

Stay in touch with old friends

A large part of the anxiety for kids is to do with losing their friends as also worrying about how they will make new ones. It is important for you to communicate that relocation does not mean losing touch with old friends. Depending on the kid’s age, of course, you can suggest ways & means of keeping in touch, whether it is that once a week phone call, letter or staying in touch through social media. Also arranging for a goodbye party or helping them create a scrapbook with memories of their friends will help them make the transition smoothly.

Similarly, speaking to teachers of the new school before joining to apprise them of the kid’s anxieties will ensure that they take good care & also facilitate new friendships. In fact, if possible, try & take the kid to visit the new school before the formal joining so the kid knows what to expect on that day. AMWAJ movers & packers in Dubai

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