Have you been looking for furniture removals, movers or storage? Movers Gulf is a leading moving company among other Furniture Moving Companies in city like Dubai. Furthermore, we help you move around locally or internationally. From last many Years, we have been in the furniture moving business and we are now recognized members of relevant industry associations.


We honor ourselves on offering each of our customers with reliable furniture storage and moving solutions, led by our staff of movers who are passionate about their profession. Our broad knowledge of the industry means we can quickly reply to your inquiries, providing you with trustworthy guidance and feedback towards your move. Moreover, all of our facilities are competitively priced to give you the relaxation for your money.

We have the expertise likely of top-tier furniture moving and storage companies, specializing in intercity, local, and international moves.

When it is time for moving furniture, your local Movers Gulf is top on the list of best furniture moving companies.

How are Movers Gulf different?


The Perfect Tools

Your Movers Gulf team brings the right tools and gears for the job. They hire the best furniture moving procedures to make sure the safe transport and handling of every furnishing in your desired place. Whether moving a metal folding chair or a mahogany armoire, Movers Gulf follows techniques to protect everything in their care.

Professional Staff

Yes, Of course, moving furniture takes expert manpower for carrying and lifting. Our teams are capable and strong in that regard. They also bring the dollies and ramps and straps to support protect and safe your belongings and enable the harmless, most well-organized use of their labor.


Protection and Preparation

Movers Gulf is expert at much more than physics. They know the best wrapping and preparation methods for various sorts of furniture. For instance, fine, hardwood exteriors need special care and safety from potential mars or scuffs. We pad wrap and save them during loading to make sure they reach in the same condition they departed. Similarly, we look after the surfaces of your home while moving furniture inside and outside. Protecting coverings on staircases and doors are standard, as are cardboard runners for grounds.

For moving furnished and packed pieces of furniture, we offer a special layer of added safety. We regularly pack such items with plastic or bubble paper before loading them onto the automobile. When we unpack them for you in your new home, they are just as new as when we covered them.


Expert Packers

Movers Gulf furniture movers are also skillful packers. Take floor lamp, for example. Liable on the type and size of the lamp, our movers may use bubble paper plastic wrap or cartons. We pack lamp shades inside boxes, with plenty of protective stuff around them to keep them harmless during transportation. There is the best way for making every item of furniture for moving, and our specialists bring these methods for your peace of mind and for a comfortable move.

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