Moving Your Office

A business relocation (whether one or several offices, a hairdresser, a clothing store, a restaurant, a telephone shop, haberdashery, hardware stores, etc.) always involves prior planning that can sometimes cause some stress. Well, with these simple steps that we indicate, the move will go on wheels.

1.- In the first place you will need to have a Moving company for Moving  in Dubai specialized to help you with the planning of your particular case. This step is the most important!

Always look for a personalized service, because it is never the same a move as another and never have the same needs. A specialized removal company that has all the necessary licenses and insurance, will give you the security and tranquility so necessary in a move of this type.

2.- Choose the date of the move very well. It is key to continue the work as soon as possible.  We  ‘Packing and Moving Companies know that this step is very important for a business and that is why we offer service on weekends without additional cost.

3.- Take advantage of making a selection of the things that are really worth translating. Occasionally there are office supplies, shelves, tables, miscellaneous items, even overdue documentation for years that can be discarded or renewed and this may be a good time.

4.- Once planned and selected, all we are going to take is the packing time. In Moving Your Office case you decide to pack and pack some or all of the things that the moving company is going to transport, you must do it the right way (Click HERE to know how). Always pack by zone or department and do not go to the next one without having finished the previous one. It is easier and more organized to do so and do not forget to write in each box what is inside or to stay or area of ​​the new office or local will go.

5.- Warn your clients and suppliers of the move so that there are no misunderstandings Moving Your Office during the process of moving. Being aware of the move is paramount.

Follow these steps and you will have a move of 10 and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about your move.

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